Here are a few testimonials from past and present clients…






Milan is currently helping me refresh my website and I’m so happy with the work we are doing. She is focused and efficient and has helped me immensely in directing me to something more current for my business. Because she thinks outside the box, her unique style excites you to enjoy the process rather than have it seem like a tedious task to a business owner like me. Not only a great copy writer, Milan is website savvy which is imperative for the work I needed her to do.

I would recommend any business owner to Milan for writing copy but also if you need someone to offer a unique perspective and talk about ideas that are fresh and innovative you will be happy talking to Milan.

Charlene Ingram

Owner, Jabot Window Coverings & Interiors

Milan Vertone created much of the content for our website, www.exploreindia.ca and travel itineraries for India. Even a quick look at our site will showcase her exceptional creative writing skills and attention to detail.

She always takes the time to understand our end goals and makes that her focus as she creates engaging content as well as always keeping in mind search engine optimization. With a strong background in marketing and sales she has provided us with excellent professional advise. She also has great professional ethics, creative ideas and always delivers on time, if not earlier.

We highly recommend Milan to anyone requiring a professional copywriter. Explore India will continue to use Milan for all our future works as she has been a great part of our success.

Nazir Karnai

President of Operations, Explore India Journeys Inc.











My employer asked me to provide a professional Bio for their website. I am the clinical director of a medical weight loss clinic in British Columbia. This was a difficult Bio to write, because it had to include both my personal weight loss journey and my professional qualifications. This piece had to strike a balance between revealing deeply personal aspects of my life and demonstrating why I am passionately committed to helping my clients.

Milan Vertone’s approach to writing this Bio was very detailed. First, she discussed the important elements of my life. Her questions were thoughtful and comprehensive. She tried very hard to understand what I needed this Bio to convey to my audience. She listened carefully and was determined to add my flavour to her writing. She created a draft and asked me to comment before she presented me with the finished piece.

I was more than happy when I read the first draft. Milan had completely captured the essence of what I was trying to say. In addition, she made the piece interesting, warm and literate. I would have not been able to develop such a well written Bio on my own. I ended up with a really good Bio that said exactly what I wanted to say, in a way that I wish I could say it myself. If you want your ideas and thoughts to be conveyed in literate and beautiful way, don’t hesitate to have Milan write for you.

Lyne Guy, RN

I am using Milan to help me change my etsy site into my new store Drift & Sway Home Décor. I’ve known Milan through working together for several years and knew that when it came time to work on my website that I would ask Milan for some help. I know the writing she did for the company we worked for but also like working with Milan because she offers ideas that are interesting too. Never imposing though, Milan listens and lets me roll with my own creativity without trying to impress her ideas on me too much.

I really like that she offers her vision on aspects of the project but then she also seems to adapt and understand my vision easily too and works with that. I am still in the process of changing my site but am excited about where it is going.

Tina Thorndycraft

Artist, Drift & Sway Home Décor (coming soon)











I noticed I was resisting writing a bio for my website. I just didn’t know how to put into words the “me” I wanted to convey. So I decided to hire help from an outside source. I knew from the first conversation that Milan was the perfect person to help me resolve my “resistance”. She was straight forward, answered all my questions and I really appreciated that she was timely and I could count on her word. When she said she would have a draft ready, she did. I was in awe of how she could put words together and make them sound so great. When given feedback, she was appreciative and accommodating. I think Milan is an amazing and brilliant writer. If you are thinking about help on your bio, or any other type of writing, Milan is the gal for you! You won’t be disappointed.

Vivian Brockmann

Your Evolution Trainer

I had the pleasure of working with Milan (Your Own Writer) on our most recent project “OnTrackDIY”.

Our experience working with Milan was over the top great! Communication was easy and stress free. One phone conversation and an email explaining our vision is all it took for Milan to have an understanding of what our end result was. Milans wording and expertise in copy writing was exactly what we needed. On top of her skills, Milan was very patient with us. We never felt pressured into anything or felt rushed into making decisions. We will definitely be using Milan again in future projects.

I would rate Milan 10 out of 5 stars!


Phil Pedro

Owner and Operator, OnTrackDIY











Recently I had the opportunity to work on a project where my client hired Milan to work on the content for his website. I am a marketing designer and have been designing websites for the past 10 years, and until now I have not worked with a copywriter. I didn’t realize how much easier the design would flow once the content had been organized and reworked by Milan. She made my part of the project much easier and brought clarity and poise to the text. I look forward to partnering with her again for future projects.


Kati Pauls

Graphic & Web Designer

Your Spine Will Thank You