Have you got a writing project that you just don’t have time to do? Incomplete writing work keeping you up at night? Does your website need a content facelift but you just don’t have the time to write new copy? Still working on that blog post? Sounds like you need to find a writer to take some of this copywriting work off your plate so you can stop worrying and actually do more of what you like to do.

Having your own writer can go a long way for your own peace of mind and for your business, here are some benefits of hiring a copywriter:

Great Content When You Need It

Don’t underestimate the power of having regular articles, blog posts, and general content updates to ensure your website is always looking fresh and engaging. There’s nothing worse than looking at a company for a particular service and their last blog post was 2015! Similarly, if the last bit of relevant information on your site isn’t fresh and intriguing, chances are they will pass your site up in search of one that is current. So, you don’t have time to constantly be updating or adding value to your site? That’s why you hire a content writer. Content writers are used to working with deadlines and time constraints, in fact, we thrive on working under pressure. Ideally, sitting down with a content writer and mapping out the next 6 months of what you need written is the best way to ensure your site is always updated and on track to attract new clientele. Remember, it’s important to keep your current client base engaged with your site and not your competitors’ site, but you can only do this with intriguing content.

New Content Will Drive Google To Your Site

Content is king when it comes to helping Google find your site, therefore, captivating content not only keeps your readers coming back for more, but it signals to Google that your site is worth checking out. Content writers know how to lace content with the purest form of language and keywords so that Google will jump past all the grey matter and direct the online user through to your website. How can you do this? SEO (search engine optimization) is a key factor in assisting Google find you. Content writers know how to find the keywords relevant to your site and then utilize them in the most subtle way so that the end result is more clicks and time spent on your site. Why spend a lot of money having a beautiful website created if nobody is looking at it! Creatively written, relevant, search engine optimized content is the only thing standing between you and growing your business.

Your Business Deserves High Quality Content

Yes, you can assign that fellow over in the corner there who always seems to have time on his hands to quickly write up a blog post or article for you, however, keep in mind that content is king but bad content can destroy your business. Truly, you wouldn’t get Mr. Lube to change the tires on your Bentley, right? Same goes for writing, if you’re going to post new content or an article or blog on your site, make sure it is outstanding because that’s what your business deserves. High quality content is imperative to maintaining or increasing your presence in your industry and compelling copy is what sets you apart from your competitor. So, the two main reasons you should hire a content writer are:

SEO – High quality content will ensure Google ranks your website higher as it appreciates the information you are providing in answering its questions

Increased Sales – Content writers know how to mix the magic potion of keeping the content intriguing while also boosting sales through subtle calls to action

With writing talent powered by a creative spirit,
my work will get you the results you want.

Your Spine Will Thank You